Final proposal

March 17th, 2010

After much thought I have came up with the final  resolution of  Addiction to ink(tatoos) being my last and final topic. The reason why I feel drawn and attracted to such a form of body  art as I have put it to some people who are not submerged or involved in the topic is number one because I  like the way tatoos look on skin, I think they can be beautiful if done artistically if localized in certain areas of the body. I have three of my own, and plan to get more. I have ideas of what I want next, however  I am still debating on what place in my body, which is controversial  for some factors that involve  the moral and ethical standards that imply leaving them uncovered at my place of work . I happen to know family members who have extensive areas of their bodies tattooed. Number two, I believe tatoos are a medium of expression,liberating in every sense by breaking gender and cultural norm barriers. I also find that compared to men, tattooed American women in todays  society have learned how to transition to the role of a non-summisive,culturally autonomous,norm initiator if they are tattoed.

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One Response to “Final proposal”

  1. Antonia on March 24, 2010 1:45 pm

    Lorena, first of all: please check spelling and wording before posting your entries. I had a hard time understanding the first few sentences of your post. Thank you.
    About your topic: I am not sure what exactly you will work on? What is your question, your hypothesis, and your “critical lens”? How is this a sociological project?
    Please revise.

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