May 2nd, 2010

Anotated Bibliography


Pierced Hearts and true love, A century of drawings for tattoos. Drawing center and Don Ed Hardy. The Drawing center, New York Handy Marks Publications. Honolulu, 1995

This book depicts the art of tattooing since the beggining of time, and the pioneering tattoo artists of the 20th Century. In Pierced hearts, I learned about the symbolism that tatoos held in the first part of the 19’00s. this book also dedicates a section to the first women who showcased their tatoos in public: Freak shows as some used to call them. Most of these women where married to tattoo artist who would use their bodies as canvases. This book also talks about how tattooed women used to be scrutinized because of their marked bodies not taking into account their motive of liberation from the social norm of the time towards what was acceptible.


Celebrity Skin. Tattoos, brands, and body adornments of the stars. Jim Gerard. Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2001

This book showcases the tattoos that celebrities like Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, The Dixie Chicks, and Angelina Jolie plus many more artist have. Celebrity Skin focuses on a photo collection of the tattoos and body art of the celebrities. It also gives an inside look to the meaning of the body art on celebrities and the trends that some tend to follow.


The methods that I will be using are of Ethnographical nature. I will be conducting field work, interviews, observation, participant observation, and documentation.

I will use a qualitative approach in my research since I will focus on a few individuals . Some at the tattoo shop which is one of the places I plan to do field work in and with one or two participants elsewhere who are tattooed.

My research will also include the participatory method of photo-documentation, in which I will be taking pictures as a medium for interpretation for research purposes.

While conducting my field work experience I will be fulfilling the interview process and acquring relevant information with open ended questions.

By doing the  observation of my participants I plan to capture photos and get an insight into the world of being tattooed  before and after the interview.

Last, I plan to document all my gathered information from my interviews and use them along with photos taken using the photo-documentation process used in visual sociology.


The ethical considerations that I will apply with my participants will be outlined during my initial encounter with themusing informed consent when I will introduce myself and explain the type of project that I am working on and ask for their permission to interview them, include their names, take photos and include the photos in the project.

I will also explain to my participants that their responses from the interview and photos taken will be exposed in front of a Visual Sociology class and upcoming Visual Sociology classes. I will make sure that I use integrity and respect in every aspect of my research process.I will make sure to explain to my participants that they can withdraw from the interview. I hope that the outcome of my research paper shows my participants in a very benefiting light. My intention with this project is to depict how Americans, celebrities and non-celebrities have made tattoos a beautiful and meaningful part of their culture.

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