Getting to know your eyes

February 22nd, 2010

I took this picture of Luis on Saturday during his first Tee-Ball practice. Like usual,I always take my digital camera whenever I take  my boys to an event. I took two other pictures of my son, however this one stood out because of it’s composition and frame. In this picture Luis is batting and the act is captured in the shot. The speed that was captured at that moment metaphorically can have two different interpretations. One,the speed in which children grow in general, including my sons. The second one, freezing an important moment in my son’s life that I don’t want to ever forget.

Introducing myself-Revision

February 22nd, 2010

My name is Lorena Salas,and I am a Sociology major student. I have a  Background in Elementary Education which ties in with my job perfectly as I am a Paraproffessional working at a Public School in Corona,Queens. I work in a self-contained Special Education class. After I graduate at Queens College, I plan to continue and obtain my Masters teaching ESL either at a Middle School or High School level. One of my dreams or aspiration per say would be to one day obtain a P.H.D in Sociology, a little far-fetched or simply dreaming I like to set bars high for myself. Another insight to my life is I have a family with two sons, whom consume most of my energy and patience at times, you will probably see a lot of them through the course of this class. On a last note, I enjoy photography,watching Documentaries, and talking to different people.

Introducing myself

February 18th, 2010

This picture illustrates one of my sons and it describes me because I think it is a beautiful picture number one and because it represents both of my sons. In this picture Luis is posing next to a little snail that he found outside of our home. We kept the little snail in a small box for a couple of days inside it and along with Lenny my youngest son,we placed the snail under leaves so that it can eat. We also put a lid with holes on the box so that Gary could breath without escaping.
My son in this picture represents the care and love that I like to foster in my sons toward people and animals. Even though we haven’t had a pet like a dog or a cat,they have had a fish once which they took care of and kept fed.I love taking pictures of my sons and I like to enjoy them by pulling them out every so often.

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